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Jul 18, The authoritative parenting style | by Anonymous

The authoritative parenting style emphasizes warmth, sensitivity, reasoning, and letting limits. It's frequently hailed as the best way to raise children. But what exactly sets authoritative parenting apart? How do experts decide if you're an authoritative parent, or practicing some other parenting style? And why, exactly, do researchers think authoritativeness breeds success?

Raising Kids in Today's Confusing Drug Culture | by Mac Bledsoe

So why is it that so many young people in America are getting hooked on drugs if no parents want that to happen? I believe the answer is really quite simple; kids are getting hooked on drugs simply because parents are not teaching their kids what to do before they are in the situation! ...

Self-Esteem/Self-Concept/Self-Worth | by Mac Bledsoe

When I first began to teach parenting skills, I named my curriculum Self-Esteem Programs. I learned very quickly that using that title was a mistake! It turned out that using the words "Self-Esteem" caused more problems than it was worth....